Tweets on 2011-08-22

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[Follow Capital Advisor on Google+ @ for short personal finance commentary that you won’t read here.] Look what I found in my email: Greetings from Club Mahindra! We are pleased to inform you that Club Mahindra is offering you an exclusive membership package that includes: 1-week of International Holiday through Dial-an-Exchange 7-days holiday for […]

On the Road to Bankruptcy

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It’s really not a good sign when you ask for your packages at the front desk and they point you to the luggage cart and ask you to lug it to your room by yourself. I’m well on the road to becoming bankrupt. Thankfully, I’m flying out on Thursday night. Then there’s still that […]

Tweets on 2011-08-05

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D’s mom and dad were, the other day, looking at travel options for a pilgrimage tour that they’ve been intending to make. I checked for flight availability and pricing. The minimum price that I could find around the planned dates was around Rs 30,000. They canceled that option in an instant. No second thoughts. No […]

How Many Mutual Funds From the Same Fund House Is Too Many Mutual Funds?

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Diversification is the other panacea commonly suggested in leading personal finance publications. Too many “experts” take the concept of diversification too much to heart (in my opinion, it’s all a result of high-fee business education). For example, in a recent issue of Mutual Fund Insight, the “experts” often asked “Why the reader had chosen to […]