Tweets on 2011-07-18

Rubber for the Swift and my emergency fund seem to go hand in glove.

About a year back, I had to dip into my emergency fund when I had to urgently replace the rear left tyre because a sharp iron rod tore through the tyre wall. A couple of weeks back, I had to dip into my emergency funds again since the treads on all four tyres were almost worn out and it would have been dangerous to drive around in such a condition (we’d also planned a road trip to Mantralaya).

I’d been meaning to save-up for for this expense (as a 6-month goal) and had just started, but then I happened to read about the tripod of stability and was influenced into taking immediate action.

Rs 3,900 a tyre x 4 tyres = Rs 15,600 – Rs 800 for the old set = Rs 14,800 + wheel-balancing and alignment charges. I opted for the JK Vectra’s itself since the previous set had served exceptionally well for about 49,300 kilometers.

A pretty BIG dip into my emergency fund but given that the Swift is practically our second-home, it was worth it.

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