My Experience With the Sodexo Meal [Smart] Card

In an unusual turn of events, a few days after I’d written my thoughts on improving the Sodexo Coupon System, D’s office (the new one), withdrew this excellent prepaid food card issued by her old office and in lieu issued this Sodexo Meal Card. I was impressed. Smart Card! Wow! I thought I was mighty smart in signing that “your-card-for-my-coupons swap agreement” with her.

As it turned out, however, no retail outlet accepts this Smart Card. I tried in a good number of places — a few don’t even have a Smart Card reader. I guess it really is meant for “cashless meal transactions in cafeterias” and hence completely useless to us (D packs a lunch box and my office doesn’t have a cafeteria).

Thankfully, D’s office is gracious enough to exchange the balance on the Smart Card each month for those physical vouchers that I hate. So now, each month, we’ll have more meal coupons than we know what to do with. I get meal coupons. She gets meal coupons. Maybe a few months down the line, if you visit our home, you’ll see us drowning in a sea of meal coupons.

Maybe I should null my agreement with D and in lieu sign a “your-cash-for-our-coupons agreement” with D’s dad.

He he he…

7 thoughts on “My Experience With the Sodexo Meal [Smart] Card

  1. Hey,

    Supermarkets like Reliance Fresh, More Stores and Niligirs accepts Sodexo coupons for even non-food item purchases. Though this is illegal, they do accept it. That’s the only way I finish up my coupons before it gets flooded

    @Madhu, are you sure with DTC in place, Sodexo coupons won’t enjoy the tax cuts?

  2. Hi Friends,
    Anyone using or aware of Sodexo’s / Edenred’s meal card? Want to evaluate it for my company. Would be great if you can share your feedback on the same. Would appreciate if you could let me know your company name and location (if you can). It will help me explore if I can visit one of the sites and evaluate. I assure you that I will not bother you for the visit nor disclose your details.

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