How to Surrender and Close Your BSNL Landline and Broadband Connection?

[Another how-to! But I couldn’t find a detailed one elsewhere.]

It’s really no wonder that BSNL doesn’t make a rupee in profit. When your customer, since 25-plus years, lodges repeated complaints of a non-functional connection and you don’t do a thing about it, there’s no way you’re going to retain that customer. There’s no way you’re going to earn revenue when you treat loyal customers this way. I tried really hard to get my BSNL broadband service working though the lineman blamed everything starting from the exchange right up to the modem! At one point, he wanted me to take the day off, take the modem to the local exchange and have it checked-out! After 6-months of suffering, it had to end. If you too are suffering, here’s how you can end it.

How to surrender and close your BSNL Landline/Broadband Connection.

  • Take a photocopy of your latest telephone bill. It’s a good idea to already have paid the latest bill.

  • Staple the three documents together and hand them over at the local BSNL Customer Service Center (if you can find anyone at work!).

  • You’ll be made to run around to get information such as the amount of security deposit and outstanding dues (that’s why it’s a good idea to pay the latest bill a few days before you visit the office).

  • You’ll then be given an acknowledgement. Retain this till everything’s done with.

  • Finally, if you still have the energy and if you’re interested in saving Rs 220, take this acknowledgement along with your telephone instrument (any instrument will do) to your exchange and surrender the instrument. If you choose not to, then Rs 220 will be deducted from the final settlement (which I believe will be posted as a check to your mailing address).

That’s about it. As for me, I had Airtel come in and install a landline and broadband connection. It simply works!

That afternoon, an officer from BSNL called and told me that I should have complained to them in person and that they would have sorted things out. How’s that?

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  1. Hi Vinaya,

    Thanks for sharing the information. I have been using BSNL Broadband for the last 5 years and I had issues from getting initial BSNL line to broadband connection. Since that time I have not faced any issues so far.



  2. @Girish:

    Airtel. 2 Mbps. Rs 799 per month. But I recently saw an ad that says this has dropped to Rs 649 per month. Will be taking this matter up with Airtel.


    I too had a good experience with BSNL. But the past 6-months have been the exact opposite.

  3. Hi Vinaya,

    Nice info. Thank you.

    In my BSNL connection, I was facing frequent disconnections earlier (two years ago). Followed complaints as normal mechanism. Had 5 docket numbers – then, I met the General Manager of the Telephone Exchange Area (the Telephone Bill Says that we need to follow grievance mechanism in that order). Since I complained (written – also received a signature from him for confirmation).

    Since then I never had that connection problem again (last two years).

    So my question is, did you follow the “Grievances Redressal Mechanism”?

    Many People are not aware of this when we deal with companies such as BSNL that are goverment owned or partially owned…

    Vijay Chinnasamy

  4. @Vijay:

    He he he. No. I didn’t know there was a “Grievances Redressal Mechanism.” Is this mentioned on the backside of the telephone bill?


    So far everything looks good. But I’m pretty sure that I’m not going back to BSNL.

  5. I had taken BSNL Broadband connection in the month of May 2011 with Home UL 750 Plan in which the speed of the plan is 512 kbps. The speed was good for 7-10 days but after that the speed is horrable. The speed is very slow and it frequently goes away. I am planning to surrender the broadband connection as soon as possible. What to do further? Relpy me to my email ID?

  6. Wrt my previous info, also suggest me which broadband connection is currently available and whose service is best to take and make proper utilization of money to be paid?

  7. Dear Mr. Mahato,
    You may be meaning the speed upto after 15 days of the activation of the connection. Do not be mistaken. The initial speed offered by BSNL for first 15 days is a common practice taken by many internet service providers, and it is known as burst speed. This burst speed is independent of your plan, and is 2 megabits per second, and after 15 days the speed gets adjusted accordingly.

  8. Hi Vinaya,

    Thanks for sharing this information. This kind of detailed information is precisely what is difficult to get even in BSNL office. I have enjoyed the BSNL broadband connection though for quite a while. Relocating and hence have to disconnect. Glad you posted this information, else I would have had to make multiple visits from my new place to old place …just to get the damn thing disconnected.

    Thanks! Much Appreciated.

  9. i am using bsnlbb since 2008
    just keep in mind that if any fault arises do not hesitate to bribe the lineman.
    in other words give him some expense for tea n drink……ha ha ha

    otherwise bsnlbb is good


  10. i want to request you.pls sent my hard copy of bsnl bill on my given address.I cant go gangehalli agin & again for the hard pls
    #32, Bhagwan Sairam Niwas,
    Plot No- 605, 3rd floor,
    Devinagar Main Road,
    Maruthi Nagar
    Bangalore -94, Karnataka.
    Contact Details: 9844329820
    my bill no. is 23001485 and bsnl phone no. is 23517467 so pls help me and sent me as soon as possible hard copy of bsnl bill

  11. I applied in got a telephone connection after a long wait and followups. After 2 months of the telephone connection I got the broadband in 2006. Initially the connection was ok. But if it disconnects it has to come back automatically. The 24×7 customer service is very poor it never work on any holidays and not on the night times. And also you will never get to know when your connection will restored. It has to work by itself. After a few times of complaints, I stopped complaining. I know it will come back in 3 days time. ( I accustomed to 2 or 3 days disconnection) Also those days there is no other provider gave broadband connection.
    But now there are 100 options in my place. The disconnection is very frequent, the customer care is pathetic, other providers give me the same service for less money. So time to say good bye to BSNL.
    Finally thanks for posting the info on “how to surrender BSNL”

  12. Apparently BSNL has forms of their own that are to be used when closing an account, and unfortunately they don’t look anything like the ones you’ve here. Had a heated debate with one of their SDO’s today, who most likely isn’t even qualified to write his own name smh. I’ll be going there tomorrow again with these new forms, but I’d be very surprised if even one of them can even grasp what’s written on here, with these forms being in English… thanks for the info anyway.

  13. Hi Vinaya,
    Thank you for the information shared. I also has a BSNL broadband internet connection, which worked fine for about 6 months. Now, the line is dead. I registered a complaint online and via local exchange, but they closed it after 5 days without even calling me. Again registered another complaint but still no one turned up and the line is in dead condition… I think these public sector company people gets double salaray – one from BSNL and the other from private internet providers.. especially in Bangalore…

    Thanks & Rgards

  14. Hi,

    I am also a BSNL survivor, I am a S/W engineer and Internet connection has to be active for 24 x7 for me. It is really disappointing thing that it never worked as they said.

    I am going to surrendering from BSNL and installing Spidigo in couple of days.

    Your information is really helps me a lot.

    Thanks for sharing.


  15. I was user of vsnl from last 10 year, the BSNl Broadband connection taken for my children from nov and i found it is very horrible , as i’m your customer, since 25-plus years, lodges repeated complaints of a non-functional connection and you don’t do a thing about it, there’s no way you’re going to retain that customer. There’s no way you’re going to earn revenue when you treat loyal customers this way. I tried really hard to get my BSNL broadband service working though the lineman blamed everything starting from the exchange right up to the modem! After 9-months of suffering, it had to end.

  16. I am using BSNL broadband service more then 8 years, since they charge the ADSL modem rent. The ADSL modem is now available at very low cost all over India still they using as a good income source. Thanx BSNL ,to fool BSNL customers. Whatever rent I paid for the modem, I can purchase more then one high configuration modem from local market. I tried to surrender the modem, they force me to surrender the land line and apply for new line.

  17. hello everyone
    yeah i have the same problem with the BSNL. still suffering..i applied for the phone as i need the net connection. they got me the phone. 1st 2 months the phone’s working but no sign of the modem till date. infect applied twice for the modem. useless!after 4 months i give up. more over by then the phone’ totally dropdead. during this time twice got complained and repaired for that..then…..i applied to surrender connection..i have given all the papers. they took it and said come later.. then went to surrender the phone. they just laughed out that its not that esay. u have to come another day…fine i went another day. they said my complain to surrender wasn’t. that process wasn’t complied properly. they keep on saing come another day… now my main proplem is that.. i m sill getting those bill. its irretating. getting a connection is so easy in BSNL.. then why surrending the phone is so tough, like you are doing a crime……..meanwhile i have to get another net connection, b’coz bsnl is hopeless..

  18. Hey, Vinay. I was wondering if you can give me some advice.
    My grandmother died a year back and my uncle was supposed to disconnect her land line service. There were extenuating circumstances and my uncle forgot about it and the rest of us didn’t know it wasn’t done. We had got rid of the phone set soon after her death and without that reminder, it passed out of our minds.
    Weirdly we stopped getting the bills for some months (this happens with BSNL often enough) and then suddenly they appeared a month ago with an unpaid amount for the last six months added.
    No one has been using the line for almost a year and now there’s a lot of unpaid bill piled up.
    I had thought that if bills go unpaid for a while, they terminate the connection and keep the deposit. They don’t seem to have done that.
    So should I try to surrender the line now and therefore pay bills for a year of unused service, or should I just ignore the bills till they terminate it?

  19. I was having OYT land line connection since Feb 1995. I have paid Rs 15000 as deposit amount in the beginning. since last many years LAND line was hardly being used , I have surrendered it on 29th August 2012. Till today we have got no feed back from BSNL office. When visited to local exchange at Dombivli , we did not get proper response. When talked to the officer at local exchange , we got reply saying you will receive Rs 621 and will take 15 days to get the cheque.. Since we have given Rs 15000 iniatial deposit , why we should get only Rs 621 as refund amount?

  20. Why in bsnl i have to pay monthly if i disconnicted
    i have 3 month disconnicted when i was out of india
    and when i came back they told to pay 9000 Rs why? Why?

  21. Hi,

    Thanks for the valuable information, for the long period we are trouble with bsnl broadband, we lodged lot of complaints and got docket no, there is no use, finally, bsnl employee asked us to surrender the broadband connection. at right time we got your message.


  22. This site is an outcome of sheer human frustration. Please put your energy into much better things. If bsnl broadband failed you got to find a way to rectify and not to surrender. This is the problem with India, everyone needs a coolie in Rly stations to lift his baggage. But in Europe and the US even a millionaire has to carry his own luggage. This is called industriousness. Best example could be Japan where people seem to repair their own, CFLs, radios, laptops and landline instead of depending on service propviders.

  23. Thanks for the INFO. BSNL Broad Band Connection is GOOD, but the some people who work there sucks….Lazy B… Navarang Side BSNL Service guys are co operative and most helpful.. and the internet speed is aslo good.. Till Now i haven’t faced any probs… Disconnecting it b/c im sifting to other place :-O

  24. Thanks a ton, Now I Know how to get this damn connection discontinued. It BSNL doesn’t respect 17 yrs of loyalty. They deserve to get it at their face, just like that……

  25. I staged a long war with BSNL. I shifted my phone connection with broad band. Shifting took one month time. But they billed for the non working period. when I personally contacted they made me to run pillar to post. Wrote a complaint. Instead of revising the bill they included an equal amount as Broad band excess consumption in the next month bill. cursing them to go to hell, I paid the bill. They took it otherwise as if I am a fool. they put the broad band bill for the succeeding month as Rs. 3000+. Then I immediately surrendered the phone and sought the details of usage Under RTI. They produced false information of usage running into several pages. But they failed to note that the total time of browsing in one month according to their own statement came to 1101 hours. Interestingly a month has only 744 hours. On appeal they confirmed what they did was correct putting the blame on the system. Then I appealed to CIC, Newdelhi. In-spite of CIC’s direction they again confirmed their stand. Then I approached Consumer Forum claiming compensation. In the meantime the GM, BSNL called me for negotiation.He refunded the excess amount billed, but expressed his inability to sanction compensation. However they managed to get a direction from the consumer forum to apply under Arbitration clause of BSNL. The Arbitration process went on for months together and at last taking pity on the Arbitator, I offered to with draw the case if BSNL expresses regret. They regretted and the case was closed. This might be a best example of how the officials of BSNL behave.

    1. Athinarayanan S – You must be the person who will go to the roots :-)
      True these BSNL guys are behaving as if they are doing service for free infact they get salary and they get bribe for installation and are not attending any complaints.
      Only God know’s when these government companies will take any action on these kind of employees !!??

  26. Hi Friends,
    Even I am one of the victim of BSNL, I had land line as well as broadband connection, and very often my phone goes dead and broadband doesn’t work, every two to three months i need to log a complaint, and finally in the month of march 2013 nothing seems to work and even after booking the complaint for 15 days nothing happened, and when i checked my docket number status it was showing MSO, Major Service Outage, and when asked some technicians on this they are not aware of it and also doesn’t know when the service will resume, so immediately i cancelled and surrendered the connection and switched on to Airtel Broadband, now its awesome and seamless , they really value the customers, the way they speak or convince, even the service is superb, immediately they respond to our calls and also they have feedback options where we can rate their service, and also they follow proper escalation matrix and fix the issues as soon as possible, why this is not happening with BSNL, is that because its government and whether they work or not they get paid?

  27. I have surrendered my BSNL connection 2 months back after paying my outstanding bill. I did send the surrender form attested by local exchange officer to site Exachange Officer in Chennai (Guindy), however no letter/cheque so far from BSNL on my deposit return. Recently (2 weeks back) when i checked online the site displayed a credit of 1400 in my account (minus 1400).

    Any means to reach out to BSNL to get my deposit amount back?

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