Tweets on 2011-06-14 — The Fine Print: Videocon d2h Ad

I was looking at a colorful and eye-catching full-page ad for Videocon’s 3D-enabled d2h (direct-2-home) service when I caught this fine print:

  • Standard cable length is 12 meters.

  • Free Lifetime Warranty shall mean and be valid for 5-years from the date of activation.

I wonder if that standard cable length measurement has some statistical backing to it (say, the median cable length for all Videocon d2h installations done this far is 12 meters). Perhaps the P & L has an “Income from Cables” line-item? No comments at all on the “free lifetime warranty” marketing scam. As someone who’s serious about their personal finances, these are gotchas that you need to keep an eye out for.

Totally lame.

Nothing new though.

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