The iPhone 4 Temptation!

It’s irresistibly tempting.

My head spins non-stop with how-can-I afford-this thoughts.

Since the iPhone 4 launched [in India], I’ve had these financially-destructive thoughts:

  • Dip — no, make that dive — into my emergency fund. In a weird way this does count as an emergency because my present phone, a Nokia E52, has had its share of knocks and the outside panel is hanging on by a bare thread.

  • Stop contributing to my financial independence/financial freedom fund for a couple of months. It’s just a couple of months right? How bad can that be? And isn’t the whole point of earning to enjoy your today?

  • Take a bridge loan from D — at exorbitant micro-finance interest rates!

  • Raise cash by selling a bunch of stuff that I own such as my old Acer laptop, my iPod Touch, my digital camera, my wireless printer, etc.

My mind tells me to throw every personal financial rule out! In fact, when the ads came out I fell for their trick — I was so blind that I didn’t realize that one needs to pay the phone’s cost upfront and recover this cost through the 24-month bill discounts. Luckily for me, D was specially vigilant and made me re-read the ad.

Marketing at its brilliance.

And thankfully, I haven’t executed any of these destructive ideas.

2 thoughts on “The iPhone 4 Temptation!

  1. I dont think it is even close to being tempting…far from it…. Indians again have given Apple a double bluff, rightly so…. If you look at it closely, even though these are fresh batch of iPhone 4, its the same hardware that had the antenna issue. Whatmore….for a change, Apple is launching a new product (iphone5 apparently) which seems more of a bug (antenna) fix than a fresh launch. You have a galaxy 2 which is twice as good as iphone 4 in terms of feature list, speed n host of other things…and also 10 grand cheaper…is iphone4 still tempting ya?

    Oh yeah…i aint anti apple…you know that :p

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