Tweets on 2011-06-30

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From the “Important Information Document” bundled along with the Manhattan Platinum Credit Card application: Death and Insolvency of a Cardholder: The entire outstanding dues in the Card account shall become payable in full by your successors or assignees in the event of your death or insolvency or winding of your business. Credit APR = 37.20% […]

Tweets on 2011-06-24

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On a remote ghat road. I think I’ll own a Swift as long as they keep manufacturing one. With 49,000 on the odo, the treads are beginning to wear out. Who knew those JK Tyres would hold-up this well. The Bridgestones on my Santro had given up around the 40,000 mark.

Health Insurance Policy Review: LIC Jeevan Arogya — Why You’ll Need a Statistician and a Doctor Living With You?

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[Posted on priority and out of turn due to many reader requests.] Who’d have thought that Health Insurance could be this complicated? If you opt for LIC’s Jeevan Arogya health insurance policy, be prepared to have a Statistician and a Doctor living with you full-time. Because when you’re hospitalized, you’d need the Doctor to tell […]

The iPhone 4 Temptation!

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It’s irresistibly tempting. My head spins non-stop with how-can-I afford-this thoughts. Since the iPhone 4 launched [in India], I’ve had these financially-destructive thoughts: Dip — no, make that dive — into my emergency fund. In a weird way this does count as an emergency because my present phone, a Nokia E52, has had its share […]

Tweets on 2011-06-02

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If I could make one wish, I’d honestly wish that a copy of my Jeevan Anand surrender request letter be stapled right on top of the policy document that you see in the video below. Now, that would be one insane — but totally spot-on — wish, wouldn’t it? [Here’s the video link if you […]