The Value of Having an Alternate Skill

I’ve assembled from scratch each and every one of the desktop computers that I have owned. I used to obsess over and then handpick each component that goes into building a desktop computer. To this day, I keep up-to-date on what’s happening with computer hardware technology. That obsession recently proved its worth, and in doing so, proved the value of having an alternate skill.

When I was looking for a new job last year, one of the offers that was extended to me was for the role of a Technical Marketing Engineer at perhaps the best computer hardware technology company out there. All interviews revolved solely around picking my brain out on my knowledge of the nitty gritty of computer hardware technology. What I’d done professionally this far had zero linkage to what I’d be doing in this role. The salary on offer was excellent too.

Why I didn’t take up the offer is a different story altogether. But the experience really proved the value of having an alternate skill especially one that can get you a job. When you have alternate skills, you stand a much better chance when the chips are down. And these days, you simply can’t predict when the chips will come falling down. But you definitely can be prepared for that day.

I strongly believe that everyone can have a valuable alternate skill. All that is required is deliberate practice.

Consider this. Writing is another of my alternate skills. Capital Advisor has over 1,200 plus posts. Each post, on an average, takes about an hour before it’s good enough to be published. Before Capital Advisor, I’ve freelanced for over a year for a bunch of other blogs learning the ropes.

Passion. Practice. Patience. That’s the trick to building an alternate skill. That’s the trick to building multiple sources of income.

What do you think? What’s your alternate skill?

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