Future Champs or Future Chimps?

I happened to see an ad for Bharti AXA Life’s Future Champs life insurance policy in a recent issue of a personal finance magazine and couldn’t help wonder that if by purchasing this policy you’d more likely turn out to be a “future chimp” rather than a “future champ.”

I’ll let my analysis — which you can download here — do the talking.

It’s quite evident who’s becoming rich here — maybe the “future champ” wasn’t really meant to refer to you to begin with.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Future Champs or Future Chimps?

  1. I have a question, what is non-guaranteed payback? Does it mean that the interest rate fixed might vary? or is it that they simply pocket those money?- I see 2 figures here 6% and 10%..

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