How I Plan For and Pay Property Tax?

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Whew! I paid our property tax for 2011-2012 yesterday. Sounds simple but there’s some basic planning that goes behind it. Here’s how. Property Tax is a line item in my Annual Expenses Planner. That means I save a little [and equal] bit each month under the expense head “Annual Expenses” so that when it’s time […]

Financial Independence vs. Financial Freedom — Is There a Difference Between the Two?

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I believe there is. The more I read-up on financial independence and financial freedom, the more I’m beginning to appreciate the subtle differences between these two terms — or rather, phases in one’s personal finance journey. Here’s what I have learned. Financial Independence = Zero-debt plus Adequate Emergency Funds plus Adequate Health Insurance Cover plus […]

Future Champs or Future Chimps?

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I happened to see an ad for Bharti AXA Life’s Future Champs life insurance policy in a recent issue of a personal finance magazine and couldn’t help wonder that if by purchasing this policy you’d more likely turn out to be a “future chimp” rather than a “future champ.” I’ll let my analysis — which […]