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I’m Hiring for My Team at MetricStream

A good number of software development/software testing positions to be filled — both in my team and in my colleague’s team. Across experience levels.

Broad skills that we’re looking for:

Web application development/testing, Java application development/testing, ability to work with XML, and an ability to work with Databases.

But, most important: Willing to learn.

MetricStream’s an awesome place to work. I know, because I’m particularly particular about that. :-) If you know someone who you can vouch for, email his/her resume to vinaya.hs @

3 thoughts on “I’m Hiring for My Team at MetricStream

  1. Enamma..share holder aagbittidiyeno? free publicity kodthidiya..just kidding;-)
    On a more serious note, glad that you like the place. Not many truly like their workplace.

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