Back to Normal — Finally!

Things are now back to how they were a month and a half back. Finally! We came back to Bangalore in the 2nd week of December and it took us a full week to set our house back in order. Amidst all this chaos, blogging took a backseat and I honestly apologize for such a long break. While in the US, most of our free time was spent in exploring California and in doing so, I got a chance to experience a completely different perspective on personal finance. I’ll be writing about my experiences in the coming days.

But beginning Christmas Day and running up to New Year’s Eve, I’ll be posting in depth on my Seven Money Resolutions for 2011. I’ve given these resolutions some thought and achieving them in 2011 will further put my personal finances on solid footing. I’d love to have your thoughts and feedback on these.

It feels great as I type this post because in a month’s time this blog turns five six! Over these years, this blog has matured thanks to invaluable support from you — my readers. I thank you for your patience.

Capital Advisor is back on track. Stay tuned.

My Seven Money Resolutions for 2011 are just around the corner.

6 thoughts on “Back to Normal — Finally!

  1. Welcome to back on Capita Advisor.

    every alternate day i have visited to your blog. it was reallly really long break. after visiting Obama’s country, i am sure will get more information from you on PF.

    Lets celebrate the moment of turing 5. Cheers!!


    PS: i have added your blog o my blogroll ( under INVESTMENT title without your permission. if you have objection, please let me know, i will update my blogroll accordingly.

    thanks again for all your post.

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