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Maldives was heaven. Period. The day we came back to Bangalore was the day we left to Chennai for our US visa interviews. I was supposed to make a trip to our US office and convinced D to take a long overdue vacation from work. D’s best friend A stays near San Francisco and that did the trick. We got our visas — the whole “halo” around the US visa interview is something that I’ll write about in detail later. A couple of days later we were in San Francisco minus our baggage thanks to British Airways.

So this is where I am. Hope to return to my blogging schedule shortly — if my Garmin nüvi and rental Nissan allow me to!

To everyone who asked my whereabouts, a BIG thanks. :-)

5 thoughts on “My Whereabouts

  1. Hi Vinaya,
    Enjoy your trip. Missing the blogs.
    Had called your mobile and there was a very long duration ring back.
    Will call u once u are back here.
    Take care, Bye, Girish

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