6 thoughts on “Ask the Readers: Withdraw or Transfer Your EPF Corpus?

  1. Hi Vinaya,

    But then Government is the guarantor for EPFO. So, I reckon it is quite safe.
    Coming back to your question, never never opt out of EPF and transfer it elsewhere. It is one of retirement funds and let it be that way. And another caveat is that if the amonut is withdrawn before 5 years, then it will be taxed.


  2. The votes are overwhelmingly in favor of transferring your EPF corpus over to your new job. But personally, I’d opt to encash and invest elsewhere, at least until there is greater transparency — say an annual account statement that’s dispatched to your mailing address.

    BTW, have you ever received/seen an account statement for your EPF?

  3. @Vinay:

    Lucky you! In 8 years of professional work, I haven’t seen one. My wife’s workplace, however, recently issued the small strip for FY 2006 – 07. Does your company have it’s own registered trust or do you come directly under the EPFO?

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