5 thoughts on “Ask the Readers: The Card Protection Program

  1. The Card Protection Program is a fantastic option for preventing fraud of one’s plastic money. In my case, I only own a debit card from Axis Bank and wanted to protect this card. CPP informed me that they could cover my entire set of cards (debit and credit) provided I had at least one credit card. It’s not possible for them to process my payment using my debit card as they need a credit card number for completing the phone payment process. So, as much as I wanted to get my single debit card protected under this program, I was unable to avail this service :(

    Still, I recommend all you folks out there to get wise and protect your plastic card from undue abuse.

  2. The fees for CPP in my opinion is low for the entire year. Though I have never ever lost a card, I can never positively predict it wont happen in future. So I have opted for it for the past 2 years. I know I have never called them in an emergency as it has never happened to me but I dont mind paying that fees if that gives me some sense of protection.

  3. At the time of writing this analysis, the vote’s pretty even. Personally, I never carry my credit card in my wallet. Only a debit card with a low balance. For me, the premium for card protection isn’t worth it.

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