Marriage and Finances: Who’s the CFO?

Within our household, I am.

D doesn’t really break her head over income, expenses, cash flows, saving, investing, taxes, etc. Whether Section 80C offers an additional savings avenue of Rs 20,000 per year through infrastructure bonds or not isn’t really a topic that she’d like to talk about. Her dad used to handle everything from the time she started her career and now that responsibility has shifted to me. One of the best things her dad has done is getting D to automatically save through VPF from Day 1. I wish I had had that insight.

Planning, saving, and investing for her goals are all done by me. But here’s the interesting thing though, I keep our investment portfolios separate. She has hers and I have mine and I’ve found this a whole lot easier to track and manage. So long as it’s not losing money, D’s OK with my portfolio management services. :-)

So, how does it work in your household? Who’s the CFO?

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