4 thoughts on “Ask the Readers: Compulsory Medical Check-ups Prior To Buying Insurance

  1. As much as I dislike medical check-ups, I think they are necessary.
    As the link explains, the insurance company and you can both be sure of what you are getting into and your family won’t have to run from pillar to post to get the money in case of an eventuality. Plus it also saves the insurance company all the legal fees in case they are sued for not paying up.

  2. Yeah. But these “medical diagnostics” centers really need to brought in line. You already know of the ordeal I’ve been through — two check-ups at two different “medical diagnostics” centers (in Bangalore!) and both of them managed to make a mess.

    Sometimes I wonder whose report is sent to the insurance company, you know, when all the sample vials are kept together.

  3. Wondering which comment caught your attention. When I got my amulya Jeevan they made a mess of the medical. The health agencies need to be pulled up. Agree with you there. However in life insurance the company will not underwrite without a health check otherwise the ombudsman will pull them up.

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