Using My Emergency Fund — Rainwater Harvesting

A couple of weeks back, I had to dip into my emergency fund for complying with the rainwater harvesting norms (and once the construction/installation was over, the deadline was pushed further — again!). But it had to be done sooner or later and also came as an unexpected — and hence unbudgeted — expense. That we found a huge boulder halfway into the construction meant that the costs ballooned. The final cost was Rs 25,000!

That’s what I meant when I said that with personal finance, it’s definitely the planning and being organized that helps you deal with any uncertainty (that [often] has a financial impact) and that helps you to move ahead in life. You simply don’t worry about these things.

Now, it’s time to replenish that emergency fund.

3 thoughts on “Using My Emergency Fund — Rainwater Harvesting

  1. it’s a like an Emergency Fund, if i lost my job it can be utilise for my regular house expenses (including utility/phone bills). my monthly expenses ~Rs.8,000 and I have 3 months (backup) for my regular spending.

    Here i am thinking to add more amounts which I have SIPs (will take care in next 2-3 months)

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