Tweets on 2010-08-15 — Independence Day Edition

Wishing all my readers a meaningful Independence Day.

On this delightful day, I’d like to share a milestone: I am debt free. I closed the only loan I had — that on my Swift. Though my original plan was to close the loan only in December, I threw whatever I could — including my free cash flow — towards closing the loan. Going forward, as D says, NO EMIs — we buy what our cash says we can.

Over the past week, I also managed to get rid of a whole bunch of physical clutter. It’s honestly liberating when you unclutter.

I now need to put a plan in place for financial independence.

6 thoughts on “Tweets on 2010-08-15 — Independence Day Edition

  1. Congrats buddy…

    Let me also share something… totally I also bought 5 file folders and am in the process of arranging all my paper work and bringing some order to my financial life…


  2. @Ashutosh: Let us know how you progress. Good luck.

    @Shilpa: Thanks. :-)

    @Vinay: I have just started on this long-term goal. Need to see how it goes. By the way, how have you gone about planning for this?

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