Tweets on 2010-08-01

Do you see any advantage in using “premium” fuel for your vehicle or is it simply a cost that you should avoid?

I’ve owned both a Santro (sold at 45,000+ kms) and a Swift (currently at 32,000+ kms) and have never ever seen a performance/mileage difference when using “premium” fuel.

Note: I didn’t run-in my Swift — it’s not meant to be. And, when traffic-free, my Swift shifts always happen at the red line.

3 thoughts on “Tweets on 2010-08-01

  1. They charge 3 – 4 bucks more per litre and promise a better mileage which i think is not right. It is just a better way of making money. Advantage is for the fuel refining firm and the petrol pump owner. Not for the buyer :-)

  2. I am leaving a comment after a long time…boy!
    @ topic – I guess its one way of making money for these private firms to whom the subsidies have been denied..what say?

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