Ask The Readers: What Is Your Liability Upon Losing Your Debit Card?

D asked,

I know there are clear-cut rules on your liability and what you should do upon losing your credit card. But what are the rules with respect to debit cards? What’s your liability and what should you do? I’m asking because my debit card doesn’t have my photo on it. Nor does the merchant even attempt to verify my signature. [Nor is it PIN verified.] A transaction on my lost debit card will immediately debit the funds from my account.

I don’t know the answer. It’s especially scary given the fact that many banks have hiked up the daily limits for shopping with your debit card. With a daily shopping limit of over Rs 1.5 lacs, would you even want to carry such a debit card in your wallet?

Coming back, what are the liabilities and lost-card reporting rules for debit cards? Do you know the answer?

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  1. I got the T&C for Debit Cards from ICICI here

    This is a copy from the file, but not sure how much they hold true in case of an emergency

    The liability of the Cardholder for disputed, unauthorized Transactions (except ATM cash disbursements) shall be limited to zero provided the Cardholder notifies ICICI Bank in writing immediately of such disputed, unauthorized Transactions and the Cardholder is not, in the opinion of ICICI Bank, guilty of negligence, fraud or collusion.
    Provided, however, the liability of the Cardholder in respect of disputed, unauthorized Transactions carried out under loss or stolen Cards shall be limited to zero only if such disputed, unauthorized Transactions have been done within a period of 30 days prior to the date of such written notification to ICICI Bank. ICICI Bank shall provide provisional credit to the Account, within a period of seven working days (of ICICI Bank) of such notification, in respect of such disputed, unauthorized Transactions, provided
    copy of Police complaint or FIR is submitted to ICICI Bank along with the written notification.

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