Why I Chose The HDFC Top 200 Fund For My Portfolio?

Anoop asks:

What is the difference between an Ordinary Mutual Fund and HDFC’s Top 200 Mutual Fund?

I’ll answer a slightly different question — Why I chose the HDFC Top 200 Fund for my portfolio as opposed to another Mutual Fund?

My reasons:

  • Had been on my radar for the past year (while I was consolidating — and planning to restructure — my finances).
  • Consistently appeared as a consistent performer in all my research.
  • An excellent long-term track record (10+ years) — no fly-by-night performances.
  • Tailored to my investment beliefs — no esoteric investment methodologies.
  • Rated “Elite” on Morningstar India.

Over to you.

What do you look for when picking up a mutual fund investment?

6 thoughts on “Why I Chose The HDFC Top 200 Fund For My Portfolio?

  1. Where can I find more information about this HDFC top 200 mutual fund?.. I want to do more research on these funds, by assessing their performance over a period of time.

  2. @Anoop,
    There are good sites for these
    3. Morning Star
    4. There are generic SIP calculators on

  3. Dear Sir,
    Need to invest Rs. 50,000/- for a horizon of 10years. Interested in HDFC Top 200 fund. Do you suggest any other better option as I no idea about investments. Someone suggested to invest on LIC Samridhi Plus. I need best returns after 10 years and am already covered with LIC plans.

  4. Hi,

    I have a similar query as Ahmer. I want to do a SIP which give me a decent return after a stipulated period of time. Confused between HDFC top 200 fund and LIC Samridhi plus. Kindly suggest which one would be better with good returns and low risk.


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