Tweets on 2010-06-02

  • Having read the policy wording on a few Health Insurance policies, I wonder if we'll receive even a rupee in times of need. #
  • Cashless settlement. Ironic. A couple of health insurance providers I looked at have no operating cash themselves. #
  • Which one's better? 5 lacs with guaranteed renewals up to age 80 or 10 lacs with guaranteed renewals up to age 65. #
  • Family Floater Health Insurance Policies. If your parents aren't your family then who is? #
  • S says…I don't understand why child delivery becomes an exclusion if the woman is pregnant. I think that's ridiculous. #
  • Maternity expenses with waiting period of 6 years. WTF??? Pre-existing diseases I can understand. But maternity? #
  • Avoid Unit Linked Health Plans. Those units might not have any value when you want them to. #
  • I think I'll stick with Star Health's Medi Classic. It's the best I could find. Individual policies for me and D. #

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