Tweets on 2010-05-27

  • The only guide you'll ever need on life insurance: #
  • Given, I'd stick with LIC. Plus they have a sovereign guarantee – a significant competitive advantage. #
  • My story. 3 years ago. LIC Term Plan for 25 lacs. Incompetent agent & diagnostics lab. Result: Proposal accepted; Agent terminated. Me: WTF? #
  • Though the proposal was accepted, the policy was never issued. Couldn't trace the agent (and he happened to be a distant relative!!!). #
  • I didn't need life insurance for some time. Given the recent status change, I'm now looking at and #
  • Do you have any comments or experiences to share on these two polices? I'd like to learn. Please drop a comment. #

3 thoughts on “Tweets on 2010-05-27

  1. Go for Amulya Jeevan. Maximum term for this policy is 35 years and maximum age at maturity is 70.

    Last year i had taken this policy through LIC direct marketing guy. Entire process to take this policy was smooth. Let me know if you need his contact details.

  2. Ritesh – 98860-12028.

    I could not get this term insurance from any agents – they were promoting other policies. I registered my details in LIC’s website (buy policy link) and got a call from this guy.

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