Tip Tuesdays: How to Access Your Credit Report or Credit Score in India?

Six months back, I’d complained that,

While one can request for a copy of one’s credit report while applying for credit, what about those who’re not inclined to avail credit right away. How then does one access one’s credit information report? What about those who’ve already availed credit facility? Surely, they’d like to know their credit scores too.

Here’s some great news — you can now apply for and obtain your credit information report from CIBIL. A quick extract reads,

You can now access your Credit Information Report (CIR) directly from CIBIL. As you may be aware, your CIBIL CIR is a factual record of your credit payment history compiled from information received from credit grantors. The purpose is to help credit grantors make informed lending decisions — quickly and objectively, and enable faster processing of your credit applications to help provide you speedier access to credit at better terms.

Read the sections under the menu heading “Your CIBIL Credit Report” for a thorough understanding. I plan to apply for and obtain my CIR in the coming week. Let me know if you’ve been able to obtain yours.

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