Tweets on 2009-07-29

A reader writes,

I have been banking with Citibank for the past ten years. They’ve now deducted Rs 250 for not maintaining a minimum balance — without even intimating me. Now, Citibank often calls me offering credit cards and other unnecessary stuff, but they never bothered to call and inform me that they were going to levy a penalty because my salary was no longer being credited to this account. Pathetic service. Have decided to close this account.

In case you want to close your Citibank savings account, you’ll find my experience handy.

One thought on “Tweets on 2009-07-29

  1. Hi, i had a similar experience with Citibank. But in my case, it was a salary account earlier. As i joined a different company and the salary account was with a different bank, Citibank watched my account for 3 months and automatically converted to S/B account without any notice. After calling up the customer care and letting them know that this was done without any information provided to me, they reverted back the amount., Thankfully :-)

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