Case Study #5 — Why I Don’t Own a Credit Card?

I also asked D, why she didn’t own a credit card. Her response:

I don’t believe in the mechanism of credit — it’s not my money to begin with. By credit, I include credit cards, loans, overdrafts etc. — any money that’s not mine. I’m also not aware of the procedures to repay the amount. I want to keep my life simple and stress-free. So I don’t own a credit card.

That evening, one look at the check I was depositing at the ATM as payment for my credit card usage, sent D’s resolution one notch higher.

One thought on “Case Study #5 — Why I Don’t Own a Credit Card?

  1. During my last visit to the U.S on a company assignment, the card provided by the company to Residence INN (the hotel where i stayed) had expired for some reason. I was asked my credit card instead and i didn’t have one. I was denied a room to stay! This took me by surprise :) Apparently, Debit cards weren’t accepted there!

    Well, this was the only time i felt like owning a credit card. That apart, i share the thought that credit money is not mine, to start with :)

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