Case Study #3 — A Role Model for Financial Awareness

A friend and I were discussing about the New Pension Scheme when my friend commented,

It’s too nascent. The risk is very high. They don’t even mention the interest upfront. Based on your selection and market trends, the sum accumulates. Then there is a commission involved. I wonder what’s the idea behind charging a commission. It’s sad. It’s like gifting someone expensive wine with the price tag on and then asking for a sip back. Not even asking. It’s grabbing.

If you can analyze a financial product this much, you really are well set for a financially healthy life. Because, you know what to avoid.

3 thoughts on “Case Study #3 — A Role Model for Financial Awareness

  1. its true that there is very less knowledge about this scheme. Even POP’s are also not sure.

    I am looking forward to a pension plan which will give me atleast 12% return on my investments.

  2. Lately (since the last two posts), your blog is becoming a snapshot of the chats and conversation you have with you friends/colleagues.
    Btw, do your friends/colleagues know you are posting all this up here? :P

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