9 thoughts on “Tweets on 2009-03-30

  1. Do you have a diesel swift or a petrol one? In either case, what was the mileage you got? I have myself driven Jaipur – Goa – Kerala and back in December 2007-January 2008.

  2. I guess “Mr.Notary” should have ensured with his driving that your adrenaline levels remained high and that you could feel the gush of your blood running down your spine, saw the photos it looks good.. :-)

  3. How come i missed this post??? coming back to keeping track of mileage..well i have come to this conclusion that most swift owners (mostly zxi ) are too arrogant to keep track of these things….orelse why would they buy zxi in the first place… anyway im not complaining :p

    @ anup
    i wish i could show you the videos…:p theres gigabytes worth videos….have not got the videos myself…..unfortunately someone is least bothered about the videos right now :p

  4. awwh !!! i didnt take anyones name did i? as they say “A guilty conscience needs no accuser” hehe … but nevertheless the drive was fantastic…though exhausting it was still exhilarating (in parts :-P) to say the least…..we should plan more drives like these and yeah better destinations next time….

  5. You know what!, I am about to quit the “cruel tutelage of singapore” soon, so u god damn better be sure that we can take more drives like these in future.. so you god damn ensure that you are gonna arrange some of these when I am around..

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