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Tweets on 2009-02-16

I must apologize for not having posted much the past week. I’ve been having too much fun in my new Swift — yes, I traded-in my faithful Santro Xing at the 44,000 kilometer mark. The Swift’s so much fun that I honestly don’t want to do anything else but drive around — even for ridiculously short distances! I did a significant amount of theoretical research; one test-drive made my research redundant.

My decision making process was quite simple. No Hyundai (had enough of being “decarbed”). No Ford (why would you ever want to make this mistake?). No GM (need I say more?). No Mahindra (no taxis please!). No Fiat (seriously confused brand). No Skoda (buy car; no money to drive/service it). No Honda (no money to buy; forget driving/servicing). No diesel (give me one convincing argument). Yes to ABS, airbags, and driver-seat height adjust.

Update: No Tata (didn’t want to stop 100 meters from the showroom, open the bonnet, and scratch my head).

The logical choice: Maruti + my budget => Swift ZXi.

My impressions of the Swift ZXi. Only one. WTF (why; not what) didn’t I buy one sooner?

17 thoughts on “Tweets on 2009-02-16

  1. @Sreenidhi: My extensive theoretical research was on Team BHP’s forums. :-)

    @Shilpa: Thanks. We shall certainly meet-up for a treat.

    @Poonam. Thanks. Safety was one of my prime factors in choosing a car.

  2. Congrats on your new car. Did you get a chance to try out the Hyundai i10? Wht are your views about it?

    BTW whtaz your opinion of the price for Swift ZXI and howz the mileage?

  3. @Riaz: Good to hear from you. It’s been a long time!

    I did not test drive the i10 (the direct result of my “No Hyundai” policy). However, I have been closely following the i10 since its launch. The iRDE version was quite underpowered. The new Kappa one seems to be good. I don’t like the shape of the seats (they look like coffins to me). As a city car, however, you can’t beat the i10. It can zip around traffic (like the Santro can and unlike the Swift). But having owned a Santro, an i10 wouldn’t make much difference to me. What are you looking for in a car?

    I don’t like the i20 too. The same Kappa in a heavier body => lower power to weight and hence miserable performance.

    Finally, don’t mention the Swift ZXi and “good” mileage in the same sentence. If mileage is what you want, don’t even look at the ZXi. It’s not a fault of the car per se. The wider tyres on the ZXi => lower mileage and also => terrific grip.

    Again, ZXi isn’t for the price conscious. However, you certainly do get what you pay for.

    All said and done, for my requirements of a car, I consider the ZXi to be “Real Value For My Money.”

  4. > No diesel (give me one convincing argument)

    Just to play devil’s advocate, here are two good reasons :-)
    – cleaner emission with diesel engine
    – latest and greatest technology (swift petrol engine is a refined version of the good ol esteem engine)

  5. Actually, I meant the common rail multi-injection engine and DOHC drive train (not bhp).
    And BTW, don’t go purely by BHP – a vehicle is much more than that. For instance, check out the torque difference between swift diesel and swift-petrol / santro.

    Like I said, just trying to put a different point of view.

  6. Diesel. High torque at a lower rpm with turbo kicking in somewhere. Not my idea of fun mate. I did test drive the Diesel DZire and found it to be very sluggish and heavy. The steering was as good as dead.

  7. Congratzz mate, I did hear Notary telling me that you have completed 700 kms in as short as 10 days in your new car, now I know how much you must be enjoying your new car,

    Did Notary drive and make your car feel uncomfortable? Did he?


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