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Site Improvements: You Can Now Explore a Particular Topic In-Depth

A reader recently wrote:

A suggestion. You seem to have labels for blog posts but there is no listing of what labels you have used. It is therefore difficult to search for a specific set of posts unless the label exists in one of your posts. It would be convenient if you can list the labels on the right-hand side so that clicking a label displays all posts tagged with that label.

I got down to implementing this enhancement last weekend. You can now find on the right-hand side of every page the complete list of labels that I have used for all my posts on personal finance. Clicking a label gives you the full set of articles that have been tagged with this label.

Did you find this enhancement useful? What other improvements do you wish to see?

5 thoughts on “Site Improvements: You Can Now Explore a Particular Topic In-Depth

  1. Thanks Vinaya. I appreciate you taking my comments seriously. This enhancement is very useful for readers like me who are looking for such good info.

    Your site is something I visit once in a few days to learn new things. Thanks for taking the time and helping us learn manage money and other things.

    good luck.

  2. Vinaya,
    Currently getting a mail when there is an update
    in your blog. This feature is very usefull.
    Can we get a mail on the comments updated????
    Keep the blogs flowing…

  3. Will add the list of blogs that I regularly read shortly. It’s quite a short list and a few aren’t related to finance at all.

    Girish, let me check if WordPress or a plugin has that option.

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