Awareness Fridays: Where Can You Go for Financial Counseling in India?

To Disha Financial Counseling.

Financial counseling is a relatively new concept in India. From what I have seen around me, we are generally not comfortable with discussing our finances even with friends and family, let alone financial counselors. Though we may be in a deep financial crisis, we seldom seek professional help and instead go deeper into the crisis until it is too late. In my opinion, there’s nothing to be ashamed of in accepting your financial reality and seeking professional help. It’s good to see organizations such as Disha (setup under the aegis of ICICI Trusteeship Services Limited) take a first step in this endeavor.

If you require financial counseling at any time, consider speaking to an experienced counselor at Disha Financial Counseling. If you’re presently in a financially stable state, I’d still encourage you take a look at the services offered by Disha — you might just be able to help someone who you know is in financial difficulties.

Awareness Fridays is my initiative to spread awareness on topics relevant to personal finance — every Friday. I urge you to take some time off and absorb this information — it’s pretty useful. And, as always, do spread the word if you find this useful.

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