Tip Tuesdays: Don’t Throw Away That ATM Transaction Slip Blindly

Visit an ATM and you’ll be greeted with a huge litter of transaction slips. I haven’t yet understood why people simply discard their ATM transaction slips. It’s the only transaction record that you possess in an otherwise automated (read, faceless) transaction setup.

I can immediately think of a few instances where you should safely keep intact the ATM transaction slip.

  • The ATM comes back with an error printed on the slip but your account is debited.
  • The ATM merrily prints a slip but dispenses no cash.
  • The ATM dispenses the wrong amount of cash (I have once had a Rs 50 note slipped in between a bunch of Rs 100 notes).

The ATM slip is your proof for repudiation. It has the date, time, and transaction identifier. In case there’s a problem, call your bank and inform them that you have the ATM transaction slip intact. Discard the ATM slip only after you have confirmed that the transaction has not caused any unwanted side effects.

An immediate question that comes to mind: “What if the ATM is unable to dispense a transaction slip for whatever reason?” My suggestion: Avoid that transaction at that ATM, unless its a real emergency. Most ATMs inform you in advance if a receipt can’t be printed.

What do you do? Do you usually carelessly discard ATM slips?

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3 thoughts on “Tip Tuesdays: Don’t Throw Away That ATM Transaction Slip Blindly

  1. Hi ther
    Im Praveen From Bangalore.
    i frequently use an ATM of Canara Bank near my house and i have an account in Union Bank of India, but On 1st Aug 2009 around 8:00 PM the amount i entered was not dispensed due to some reason, on the same day i logged a complaint at the customer care and they said it would take 30 days for this complaint to resolve… but on 1st Sep when i found there was nothin happened i called up the customer care again so he said it would take 30 WORKING DAYS….but had no details on the real issue…. even now i cantacted the customer care for the same im still not getting any status. Kindly help me what should i do next….

  2. hi
    kindly listen canara bank
    same problem happenend with me in canara bank in allahabad debited around 6000/- in oct and dec month but i didnt draw from atm.
    but its showing it draw from my atm card?
    pathatic of canara bank thats why i stopped all transaction of canara bank and culdnt give me satisfied answer.

    now what we have to do?


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