Tip Tuesdays: Did You Know that Your Bank Should Compulsorily Tell You — in Writing — Why Your Loan/Credit Card Application was Rejected?

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I’d written about this before, but felt it important to bring up again. According to the Reserve Bank of India’s Guidelines on Fair Practices Code for Lenders, Banks and Financial Institutions should convey in writing the main reason(s) which, in the opinion of the Bank or Financial Institution have led to rejection of the loan […]

Tweets on 2008-12-29

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The more I read about and observe the economy, the stronger is my belief that you should, THINK hard about and then WORK on developing an alternate skill or two (something that’s not directly related to the type of work you’re doing right now). The skill that you value so much right now will be […]

Tip Tuesdays: Personal Finance Resolutions for 2009

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These should be on everyone’s personal finance agenda for 2009. Get OUT of “non-essential” (as in credit cards, personal loans, vehicle-beyond-what-I-can-really-afford loans) debt. DO whatever it takes to get out. Stay OUT of “non-essential” debt. BUILD an emergency fund. #1, #2, and #3 BEFORE anything else. DON’T save or invest in financial products and services […]

Master List of “Run Away From” Items — December, 2008

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Since I often ask you guys to run away from a lot of financial products/services/agents/institutions, I thought I’d make a quick list of items that I have so far asked you to run away from. Unit Linked Insurance — of any kind — Policies (ULIPs). Financial products/services/agents/institutions which/who offer you “exclusive,” “privilege,” “priority,” “premium,” “premier,” […]

Awareness Fridays: Financial Alchemy Packaged in an Attractive Presentation is Still Financial Alchemy

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The first time I saw this presentation (it was emailed to the administration head at my office), I screamed “WTF mate?” multiple times and in quick succession. Go through this presentation and give me one decent reason for why you would ever want to invest in this attractively packaged recipe for financial alchemy? [slideshare id=855587&doc=returnguaranteefund-1229571730583996-2&w=425] […]

Awareness Fridays: Easy Reading — Mitigating Spillovers and Contagion Lessons from the Global Financial Crisis

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Today’s topic is an easy to understand and informative read for the weekend. It’s a speech delivered by Dr. D. Subbarao, Governor, Reserve Bank of India at the RBI-BIS Seminar on “Mitigating Spillovers and Contagion – Lessons from the Global Financial Crisis” (click to download) at Hyderabad earlier this month. Of significance is this quote […]

Why It’s a Good Idea to Save Regularly for Your Annual Expenses and How to Go About Doing That?

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Each month we’re so caught up in managing our day to day expenses that we tend to lose focus on our annual expenses. Generally speaking, any expense that you pay for once a year counts as an annual expense. Typical examples are insurance payments, property tax payments, maintenance contracts, and such. We tend to lose […]

Case Study #1 on Matching Financial Goals with Financial Instruments

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A reader asks, I want to contribute for my sister’s marriage which we’ve planned for in two years’ time. Could you suggest the best possible short-term investment plan for this purpose? My suggestion: Park your money in bank fixed deposits. They’re safe, offer decent returns, are liquid if planned for correctly, and more importantly, match […]