Studio 850IS: A Trek to Tadiyandamol

Avinash, Anoop, and I recently trekked up Tadiyandamol. It’s an easy to moderate climb with breathtaking landscape all around. Pictures follow.

Where to stay near Tadiyandamol?

Kavery Estate Stay
Kolakeri Village and P.O.
Napoklu — 571214;;; Tel: 08272 237270

The hospitality and warmth shown by the owners of Kavery Estate Stay is incredible. I’d give this homestay a 5-star rating.

9 thoughts on “Studio 850IS: A Trek to Tadiyandamol

  1. Much needed break….it was awesome to say the least. I was surprised that both of you made it to the top and as always its a pleasure driving ur 4×4 santro hehe ;)

  2. Notary, your strategy of feeding your trek mates on spicy and oily potato chips followed by water just before the trek didn’t work this time! And the only reason you reached the top is because of a bar of Snickers. Maybe I should post that photo of you resting on a rock and munching on Snickers.

  3. Not to forget the 140 Km/hr drive in your 4 X 4 santro, which would have left Phillipe Massa a nervous reck!, 120 km’s covered in 75 mins, a record on Bangalore Mysore highway! :O

  4. I have fog lamps installed in my car!, we can hit Bangalore-Goa Highway, in February if you guys decide, i will be there for a week from 20-Feb-09 to 28-Feb-09..
    Plan that we leave on 20-feb-09 and come back on 23-Feb-09 morning..

  5. thadiyandamol is the best trekking spot, you have to climb this peak. this is the tallest peak in Coorg. trekkers should walk within the rain forest for hours. the landscapes are great from the top of the thadiyandamol peak. foreign and domestic trekkers interesting to trek here. thanks for nice pictures.

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