Awareness Fridays: How to Understand the Basics of Personal Finance

A solid understanding of the basics of personal finance can only come through rigorous self-education. There is no shortcut. There are, however, excellent resources — both in print and on the internet (see below) — which can guide you with useful information on this journey. But the real learning happens when you analyze and apply this information to your personal situation. That’s the beauty of personal finance — each person’s situation and needs are different.

I developed my understanding by diligently and faithfully reading these resources:

There’s of course this blog too! That’s why you’re reading it right?

Awareness Fridays is my new initiative to spread awareness on topics relevant to personal finance — every Friday. I urge you to take some time off and absorb this information — it’s pretty useful. And, as always, do spread the word if you find this useful.

2 thoughts on “Awareness Fridays: How to Understand the Basics of Personal Finance

  1. Hi Vinaya,

    May I also suggest – Financial Planning Demystified?

    The website strives to educate the small investor, and the public in general, about the different areas of personal finance.

    This covers investment (stocks, mutual funds, ULIPs, gold, real estate, etc), insurance (term insurance, endowment plans, ULIPs, etc), loans (home loans, personal loans, etc), income tax, and many other money-related things affecting the common man.

    Readers can go through the articles and improve their understanding of investment avenues, or ask a specific question about their situation and get a customized solution. They can also get free advice for their investment issues, and lots of other useful information about personal finance in an easy to understand way.

    One suggestion: Maybe, you can also review the site, and present a balanced analysis to the readers?

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