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Site Statistics — July 2008

  • I can’t believe this — I hit my target of 20K pageviews a full month early. In fact, I almost touched the 22K mark; a full 10% above my target!
  • Pageviews are up by 17% and absolute uniques are up by 19% over June, 2008.
  • I drilled-down into the stats and this surge in traffic is primarily due to all the personal finance posts that I’m passionately writing.
  • My next target is to hit the 25K pageviews mark by November, 2008. Of course, I do not want to go below the 20K milestone in the intervening months.

Site Statistics - July 2008

Source: Google Analytics.

6 thoughts on “Site Statistics — July 2008

  1. Vinaya- Congrats on your milestone. All Best for your next milestone, I am sure before Nov 08 you will touch 25K Levels. Unfortunately our Sensex will not touch those levels :)

  2. Thats an awesome stat…..its only gonna get bigger and better here after….keep those articles on finance coming…its very informative for a change i have also started reading them :O. Hope you cross the 50k mark soon. You will have our support even if you dont want em haha :P

  3. Its been hell a lot of time since I read your website, but again I ask you the same question how does the two graphs? look very similar. Congratz anyway on achieving that milestone..Ur are growing popular aren’t you?

  4. A very nice and useful blog. I am totally new to all these financial market. I am feeling that your blog is like a boat in a ocean. I am very much confused where to invest. Your blog helps me a lot. Thanks & God bless you for such attempt. Also give some advice on investment and personal finance planning. Choosing health insurance issue is really superb. Please keep on posting.

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