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Tweets on 2008-07-30

A “must see” presentation. Don’t judge the presentation by it’s title — it’s applicable to a general audience.

[slideshare id=415548&doc=brainrulespzreview-1211213300619507-9&w=425]

Link: Brain Rules for Presenters.

Pay particular attention to slides 49, 51, 55, and 56. I strongly believe in the following two points made in the presentation: “There is no greater anti-brain environment than the cubicle,” and “When you’re always online you’re always distracted.”

On #1, cubicles usually leave me feeling trapped and claustrophobic by the end of the work day. I am lucky to at least have a window-facing seat.

On #2, I have simply lost track of the number of times my thoughts have been derailed simply by being always online (email, instant messenger, work phone, mobile phone, and web browser – wow!). The back and forth context switch during each such interruption levies a huge penalty on my productivity. Of late, I have been experimenting with “zone out” windows (absolutely no interruptions) and have experienced a truly significant increase in my productivity.

What’s your take on this topic?

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