Wow! Experience: Hotel Haritagiri, Kalpetta, Wayanad

On a recent trip to Wayanad, we stayed at:

Hotel Haritagiri
Kalpetta, Wayanad, Kerala
Tel: +91 4936 203145/46/47/48

We checked-in at 04:30 AM on Day 1 and checked-out at 09:00 AM on Day 2 (pretty odd hours and we did cross the 24-hour mark). We asked to be billed for a single day. The person at the front desk was empowered to make this decision and he obliged. Counts as a “Wow!” experience in my books.

The hotel itself is pretty decent — clean and good enough for a night’s sleep. The food, however, isn’t up to the mark. You’re better off eating at the Woodlands nearby.

One thought on “Wow! Experience: Hotel Haritagiri, Kalpetta, Wayanad

  1. We stayed at rain country resorts! Its quite awesome as well and the path way to the resorts is mind boggling to say the least…but is a bit expensive compared to haritagiri and woodlands! And yeah hope you did not mistake the drinking water for a wine .. cos i did! i was wondering and pondering how forward n open minded Keralites are hence they’ve branded it 100% literate state :O. was a bit skeptical at start but i saw some irritating kids also enjoying the drink and felt ashamed and gave it a try n to my misery i found that its drinking water treated with ayurvedic medicine, hence that red tinge. But nonetheless its a wonderful initiative taken by whoever it is! Now i/u knw why they say kerala has 100% literacy :P

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