Tweets on 2008-07-09

I have a very interesting fact to share.

My mom, who did not have the opportunity to study beyond Standard 10, manages expenses such that they are well within her budget — happens like clockwork every month. On the other hand, I have a post-graduate degree, yet wage losing battles to keep my expenses within my budget — also happens like clockwork every month.

What about you?

3 thoughts on “Tweets on 2008-07-09

  1. Experience mate, just like one cricketer said, Experience is like a comb, which life gives you when you are!!!..Mum’s are more experienced than us. I have managed to follow in my mother’s footsteps of setting up fixed accounts in banks and routing some of the monthly income..Apart from medical insurance/vehical/life/house insurance I dont see any other’s to which I need to spend on..

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