Tweets on 2008-07-30

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A “must see” presentation. Don’t judge the presentation by it’s title — it’s applicable to a general audience. [slideshare id=415548&doc=brainrulespzreview-1211213300619507-9&w=425] Link: Brain Rules for Presenters. Pay particular attention to slides 49, 51, 55, and 56. I strongly believe in the following two points made in the presentation: “There is no greater anti-brain environment than the […]

Problem: How Can I Embed Presentations from SlideShare into My WordPress Blog?

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Using this SlideShare WordPress plugin by Joost de Valk. Installation is pretty straightforward: Download the plugin. Unzip the downloaded file. Upload the “slideshare” folder to the plugins directory of your WordPress blog. Activate the plugin in the WordPress admin panel. Start embedding SlideShare presentations! You simply have to copy-paste the code (for example: [slideshare id=415548&doc=brainrulespzreview-1211213300619507-9&w=425]) […]

Know Your Rights: Did You Know That Banks Are Liable to Pay a Penalty for Issuing Unsolicited Credit Cards?

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Source: RBI Notification. Banks have been advised that unsolicited credit cards should not be issued and that in case an unsolicited card is issued and activated without the consent of the recipient and the latter is billed for the same, the card issuing bank shall not only reverse the charges forthwith, but also pay a […]

Tweets on 2008-07-09

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I have a very interesting fact to share. My mom, who did not have the opportunity to study beyond Standard 10, manages expenses such that they are well within her budget — happens like clockwork every month. On the other hand, I have a post-graduate degree, yet wage losing battles to keep my expenses within […]

Tweets on 2008-07-04

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You should do this today. Right now. You can take preventative action right now to make the loss of a wallet easier. Just clean out your wallet down to the bare minimum, then photocopy or scan both sides of everything in your wallet. This will help you to easily remember everything that was misplaced and […]

How to Calculate the Loan Amortization Schedule (EMI, Principal, and Interest Components) for Your Car Loan?

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Download my Car Loan EMI Calculator Excel workbook. This workbook has six sheets, one each for a loan duration ranging from one year to six years. Select the sheet corresponding to the loan duration you’re thinking of. For example: select the sheet labeled “4 Years” if you’re looking for a car loan that you want […]