Tweets on 2008-06-26

Yesterday, I talked about why you should opt for independent health insurance even if your employer currently provides one. Below, I’ve linked to some great reading material on this topic — don’t forget to read the comments on each of these posts.

  1. Should I Go Without Health Insurance For A Better Career Situation?
  2. My Company Just Announced Huge Layoffs And I’m Afraid My Position Will Disappear: Seven Things You Need To Do Right Now.
  3. Finding Affordable Health Insurance When You’re On Your Own.

On a related note, RGA — a very long time reader of this blog, commented:

My parents are covered in my health insurance policy and it’s sufficient for now. But now, you’ve made me think about getting an independent policy.

It gives me immense satisfaction to receive such a comment. Because that is my objective. To get people to think about their personal finances and make wise decisions.

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