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Tweets on 2008-06-20

For reasons unknown, ING Vysya believes that I have a spouse who I should immediately, but positively before the end of the day, go with to their office on Cunningham Road and collect a 3-night vacation-in-Goa package. In case my hypothetical spouse and I decide not to vacation for 3-nights in Goa, I can get an accident insurance in lieu.

To my response that “I cannot find a spouse by the end of the day,” the caller said, “Sir. Please don’t feel bad about it…But, are you sure that you don’t want this gift?”

Seriously! This is heights of tele-marketing.

3 thoughts on “Tweets on 2008-06-20

  1. ROFL :)
    I guess their job requires them to mouth only those polished words which which they recite. But, looks like, your response caught them off-guard and did not know how to respond :) I have heard such funny incidents, but this tops it all :)
    Anyways, I had a good, long, hearty laughter (at your cost!)

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