Lame Finance: ICICI Bank Flexi Cash — How Dumb Does ICICI Think You Are?

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From an ICICI Bank flyer, FlexiCash is a special overdraft facility offered to salaried individuals. Simply put, it gives you the benefit of having a pre-approved and pre-sanctioned cash limit in your bank account. With FlexiCash, you enjoy the double benefit of ready cash for what you need, whenever you need. From filling those shortfalls […]

Tweets on 2008-04-14

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Just downloaded Twitter Tools 1.2b1. Hope this plug-in works well. Last time around, it didn’t work as I wanted it to. Happy tweeting! # Finding out that it’s not a terrific idea to jog down the 600-odd steps at Shravanabelagola and then attend aerobics class in the morning. #

Did You Know: Credit Card Companies In India Will No Longer Be Liable For Transactions That Happen Before A Card Loss Is Reported

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The following is a true account of a close friend’s experience after losing a credit card: How the credit card was lost? My purse was stolen on 20th January 2008 at an IKEA store in Elizabeth, NJ. I lost my Driver’s License, an HSBC credit card, and all my Debit Cards. I contacted the police, […]

Seriously Lame Finance: Reliance Index — Oops! — Quant Plus Fund — When You Don’t Know How To Manage A Fund Ask The Computer To Do That For You

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Reliance Mutual Fund has announced changes in the features of Reliance Index Fund (Nifty Plan and Sensex Plan) w.e.f. April 18, 2008. As per the proposed changes, the existing Reliance Index Fund’s name will be changed to Reliance Quant Plus Fund. Source: Moneycontrol. A classic “WTF mate?” situation. But this was to be expected sooner […]

Problem: Where Can I Get The List Of Indian Financial System Codes (IFSC) For Indian Banks?

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To get the up-to-date Indian Financial System Codes (IFSC) for Indian Banks operating under the Reserve Bank of India’s National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) guidelines, go to and click on “List of NEFT enabled bank branches.” It’s an 8 MB Microsoft Excel file. Tip: There are about 43,000 rows in this file! Luckily, there’s […]

Tweets on 2008-04-01

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Logged into my ICICI Bank account today morning in order to execute an urgent intra-bank transfer. Was greeted with the message: On account of our financial year end, this service will not be available till 15:00 hours (IST). Why should customers be inconvenienced just because a financial year ended? Can’t you close your books in […]

Lame Finance: The Wealthsurance Foundation Plan — A True Financial Weapon of Mass Destruction

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A full-page Page 3 advertisement in today’s Economic Times (Bangalore edition) introduces the Wealthsurance Foundation Plan from IDBI Fortis Life Insurance Co Ltd. Obviously, with such an honestly lame name (seriously, Wealthsurance!), it has to be a Unit Linked Life Insurance Product (ULIP) in disguise — and it is! After a hair scratching/tearing analogy with […]