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Wow! Experience: Courtesy, Cookie Man, The Forum Mall

Yesterday, at the Cookie Man outlet located in the Forum Mall, my five-year old niece wanted a single coconut cookie. I was informed that the coconut cookies could only be bought in bulk. While I was explaining this to my niece, the employee overheard my explanation. She immediately went over, got a single coconut cookie, and handed it to my niece. The smiles on their faces were priceless.

Wow! Employees empowered to take decisions. Cookie Man gets it. I’m their customer for life.

3 thoughts on “Wow! Experience: Courtesy, Cookie Man, The Forum Mall

  1. Nice one..guess ur niece liked it too!!..
    Meanwhile, i would be flabbergasted, if the employees of Cookie man still behaved miserly after they overheard ur conversation, I dont believe that it would really cost them much to hand over 1 cookie especially to a child( I bel they keep samples for taste), nevertheless the actions are to be appreciated.
    I guess the same employee would have thought 2 million times if she had to hand over some cookies for free in bunch..
    why dont u try the same strategy and ask ur niece to cry infront of cookie man next time that she wants a bunch of cookies for free & see the employee reaction later, if the employees still greet such requests with the same smile, then I can say its really a wow!! experience..hahaha

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