Lame CRM: HSBC — What Do You Honestly Know About Me?

We are delighted to present you a pre-approved My Terms Credit™ Personal Loan up to Rs 325,000 at a Special Relationship Benefit rate of 17.45%…So, whether it’s the home renovation your wife wants, the feature-packed computer your child desires, or the vacation you want to take your family on, you can make your family smile with joy!

So what’s the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) problem here? I don’t know where HSBC got this information from, but

  • I don’t have a wife. Specifically, I don’t have a wife who wants to renovate my home.

  • I don’t have a child. Specifically, I don’t have a child who desires a feature-packed computer.

  • My family isn’t too keen on taking a vacation now.

Even if one or more of the above were true, I honestly wouldn’t take a personal loan at 17.45% to solve those problems. Seriously, why will your family smile with joy when you have a personal loan at 17.45% on your head?

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Lame CRM: HSBC — What Do You Honestly Know About Me?

  1. Now, I rec’d a call from ABN Amro bank here in Singapore, saying they offer medical insurance as below and around 3% interest rate for the purchases made above $1200.

    1) Medical insurance to cover yourself for 10 years, we will pay around 90% of medical bills(covering upto major and fatal accidents),

    Me: how would it benefit me if its a fatal accident, I would not be able to enjoy ur benefits because i will be in heaven/hell.

    2) For all the purchases you make above $1200 we have an interest rate of 3% i.e. around 30$ per month.
    Me:( I dont make purchases more than 50$, sorry im on a cost saving strategy)

    3) Taxi fares exempted, if you travel within the minimum fare of $2.80C.( bel me thats the min taxi fare here in Singapore, but which sane guy would take a taxi just to swipe ABN amro credit card just bcoz the credit card company exempts it, besides if Im stuck at a signal for around 20 sec, the meter automatically changes by 10Cents).

    Me: OOps sorry madam, I don’t take taxis as I have already resigned my job and heading back to India permanently by early next month.

    Lolzz.. Vinay. why dont you find a wife who asks you to renovate your home? ROTFLMAO

  2. Anoop,

    ROTFLMAO at “How would it benefit me if it’s a fatal accident? I would not be able to enjoy your benefits because I will be in heaven/hell.”

    Mate did you honestly say “heaven or hell?”

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