Tweets on 2008-03-31

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It’s been a quiet March. Just 7 posts (including this one) in 31 days. I’ve been busy at my new job and much of my spare time has been spent pursuing the fascinating topic of Positive Psychology. I recommend that you view these lecture videos in April. On a different note, a new financial year […]

Lame Advertising: Motorola’s Moto Yuva W230 — Seriously, This Is Not The Way To Make Your Shareholders Happy

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Three months back, we analyzed why Motorola’s shareholders were a unhappy lot. The trend continues with another honestly lame ad: If you hold Motorola shares, would you as a shareholder approve such cash-burning efforts by management? On a broader note, what’s the message Motorola’s conveying to the Indian youth? Finally, here’s a great opportunity to […]

Tweets on 2008-03-05

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Equity is the panacea for all problems. We estimate the future cost of your daughters’ marriage in 15 years time to be Rs 96 lacs. Hence you need to start saving/investing now by handing over your money to a gamut of equity mutual funds. This is a gist of the advice given by a popular […]