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Lame Advertising: AOL Mail — We Burn Cash By Marketing Services Which No One Uses

Seriously. How many people you know use AOL for email? There’s really no bit of me in AOL mail. The whole world has moved on and, if you’re using AOL mail, so should you.

And, as The Big Picture says:

AOL also — they’ve decayed, become a garbage service for the clueless. (AIM remains mostly worthwhile).

What do you think?

11 thoughts on “Lame Advertising: AOL Mail — We Burn Cash By Marketing Services Which No One Uses

  1. Have you tried the latest AOL Mail that has been out since last July? The new webmail client is more available than yahoos and IMO, easier to navigate. Can you really be so quick to review a product that you’ve never even seen?

  2. @ NOtary…Cute??? she’s irritating :-x
    & there is no concept in this ad at looks like a new graduate who has just completed his ad course in college has drafted the script for this ad..Its so blantantly stupid..
    If theya are showing AOL mail, they have to explain some good features, instead she talks about some bloody colours & says she likes AOL bcoz it changes colours..

    How on earth do they think they can convince the customer to use AOL with such lame ads?

    My question to the person who framed this ad? Ask the girl if she likes Chameleon because even that changes colour.. :-x

  3. It also looks like some disconnected joints, I can’t find a connection between she getting dumped by someone,another guy who sent her an sms asking her for a date, she wearing orange dress & AOL mail changing colour. My neurons are more confused seeing this ad..

  4. @ anup

    well mate! tell me when were ur neurons ever un-confused? sigh! haha lol…perhaps a case of an already confused soul getting more confused jus like the girl in the AOL mail….:P

  5. Hey. ever used aol / aim mail for that matter? You actually know what you’re talking about? Ever occurred to you that this is an ad from and for people in India? Ever thought about that people think different in other countries and focus on different things?

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