Lame Advertising: Videocon — This Is How We Fund Our Lame Advertisements That Feature Multi-Crore Demanding Celebrities

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Videocon first burns shareholders’ money in creating this meaningless and irrelevant ad. And when it’s time to cut that multi-crore check to each of the multi-crore demanding celebrities, they unleash this lame scheme on the public. Maano Ya Na Maano! Pay just Rs 12,990 for the Jumbo 34 Flat TV and deposit a sum of […]

Tweets on 2008-01-23

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January 12th was a significant milestone — one that I missed completely. On that day, I completed three full years of blogging! Whew! It seems like I started just yesterday. For sure, this milestone wouldn’t have happened without you. Here’s a BIG heartfelt thank you to you — my dear reader. It’s also the time […]

Tweets on 2008-01-17

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Crowds consists of irrational, emotional humans. We are slightly-cleverer pants-wearing monkeys. We do very dumb things when pursuing the bananas. We have not evolved to understand capital market risk. We are optimistic by nature, and tend to ignore the negative, until its staring us right in the face and cannot be denied. Then, we (irrationally) […]

Tweets on 2008-01-14

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I was busy all of last week building this rig at home: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz E6750 (1333 MHz FSB) XFX nForce 680i LT SLI (Supports 1333 MHz FSB) 2 x 1 GB Transcend DDR2 800 MHz XFX GeForce 8800 GT Alpha Dog Edition (512 MB) Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD2500KS 250 GB […]

Useless Services: Vodafone Astrology Alerts — When The Company Needs The Alerts More Than You Do

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I think Vodafone, as a company, desperately needs these astrology alerts more than you do. Here’s a possible list of astrology alerts Vodafone would receive: You will continue to irritate your customers if you run this advertisement again today. PS: Not that you care two hoots for that. You will lose a lot of customers […]

Useless Services: Airtel SMS 2.0 — What A Total Crap Of An App

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Says the Airtel marketing department: Trends indicate that youth and young professionals are more active users of messaging. SMS 2.0 represents a huge opportunity for Airtel to differentiate itself, and further gain both mind-share and market-share in these segments. So what exactly is the “value added crap” you get in this endeavor to gain mind-share […]