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Lame Advertising: Hyundai i10 — We’re Taking This Car On Its Last Rites

Listen very carefully to the background music. Don’t you think it sounds as if the i10 is being taken on its last rites? At the 35th second of the ad, although the hot model says “I wish I could catch it,” she actually means “I wish I could get out of this advertisement.” And the less said about Shah Rukh Khan the better. Each time he laughs or waves he seems to be mocking existing and potential i10 buyers for footing this multi-crore SG&A line item on Hyundai’s P&L.

A classic “WTF mate?”

Update: Just discovered that a few cranky RSS readers won’t display this video inline. If that’s happening to you, just click on the post’s title and you can see the video on the post’s homepage.

7 thoughts on “Lame Advertising: Hyundai i10 — We’re Taking This Car On Its Last Rites

  1. Well, its all fine with me as long as ads don’t get under your skin…there are a few i really wud luv to see in ur lame advertising series. One tat immediately comes to my mind is the all new n frustrating “Moto Yuva”. U’l c a comment immediately once it is posted :p

  2. I definetely expect a blog from you regarding the latest new car Tata’s Nano…
    In a way, I would be curious to find as what ‘nano’ he has implemented in his car to name it that way… It should make some sense when he call’s it nano coz if it is still visible & moving around the streets, its not nano, there may be some application which he would have used and named it nano.. I would def appreciate if you can research the theory and applications used in the car and blog about it…

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